Who hosting website?

Your web hosting is where your code, files, images, videos, etc. reside. A quick way to find your web hosting provider is by digging the A-record DNS. An easy way to find your web host is to look up the DNS information in their A record.

Wix offers its own hosting for your website when you choose Wix as the platform for creating your website. Experienced developers would prefer to pay much more per month to ensure that their site is hosted in a place where it can develop its own potential. However, some hosts have custom-optimized configurations for WordPress, which makes them a better solution if you're actually going to build your site with WordPress. Like the shared hosting service, there is a server available for several webmasters to host their websites.

If your site uses a firewall or CDN, the A record that appears may be different from your actual web hosting provider. However, you may not have extensive experience or skill in choosing this perfect web host or domain registrar for your site. When you choose to use your current domain, the new web hosting provider will ask you for the data provided by your old company. It's easier than ever to discover the details of the web host, no matter what corner of the Internet you are in.

For example, if you discover that the website is hosted on Bluehost (a popular option), this only solves half of the puzzle. However, many free web hosting services mean that you are using a subdomain of the provider, not your own domain. Currently, web hosting providers offer customers the most advanced technology, excellent user orientation, and a satisfying pricing scheme. Without even realizing it, Google may penalize you just for the hosting company you've chosen.

So, do you want to know where this site is hosted? it's just another step to research a site and understand everything about it. Choosing a web hosting provider may be the most important decision you can make regarding your website.

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